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[MPM13] Set Your Soul On Fire With Niche Clients

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWhat’s the true definition of a niche? Well, you might be surprised. It’s more than just a category. Rebecca Brumfield, founder of breaks it down for us in this episode. She reveals her strategies for finding a proper high-value niche. Walk through Rebecca’s process for becoming the go-to person in your community. She shares her story and insight into how you can find the right client fit, double your income, and not over-stress or over-work yourself ever again. Go behind the scenes of VidaPura spa and listen in on Rebecca’s world! Find your niche, set your soul on fire and double your income now! Find out more at: Sacred Client Attraction... read more

[MPM12] 80 Million & Counting – The Often Forgotten Niche Loaded With Potential Clients

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadIn this episode, our guest Michael McIver shares his journey from narrowly escaping service in a war to self-discovery in Sunny California at the world-renowned Esalen Institute to melting under the hands of Ida Rolf and becoming her student to relocating from Houston to Austin. He is open and insightful during our discussion of a pool of over 80 million potential clients you may be ignoring (but shouldn’t be). We walk through the possibilities of creating a thriving practice, teaching what you know to other practitioners and the excitement of relocating to a new... read more

[MPM11] How Connectedness Affects The Way You Practice with Mitzie Ladd

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadWe have the technical side of the massage business down. You know the origins and insertions of most major muscles in the body. You know the physiological effects of massage therapy like the back of your hand. But, when it comes to support who do you turn to? We don’t really have a formal support system to turn to for help. Did you know that connecting with other therapists through stories and experiences can prevent burnout, extend your career and bring you more joy in your practice? That’s where this week’s guest Mitzie Ladd comes in. She grew her one-woman, one-table practice to a successful two location operation in Boston. She intends to connect therapists with each other through her Table Talk Project and she is looking for practitioners to share their stories. She gives us the scoop on the most important factor in the growth of her practice. For her, word of mouth has been her ally. In this episode you will learn: How to grab the attention of busy healthcare practitioners to form a referral network (even if you are an introvert) How staying focused on the Yeses helps you build a referral network faster Connecting with your colleagues will change the way you practice You do not have to practice alone How connectivity can inform and extend your career   Click on the play button at the top or download this on itunes (and do not forget to leave a five star review as we might feature yours in the next... read more

[MPM10] How to Make The Business Side Feel More Natural and Easy with Allison Rapp

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadAllison learned something very valuable, while teaching Feldenkrais students many years ago. She learned that her students were going off into strange, unchartered territory when they left her classroom. When it came to treating clients, they could tell you exactly whether the imbalance was due to over compensation of the attachments to the greater trochanter or it was caused by the gastrocnemius somehow affecting the way that the right foot went into plantar flexion.  But when it came to marketing their business, they weren’t able to use the same formula other businesses found effective. It’s kind of like a mechanic knowing how to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with your car when you tell him, oh it made a noise like chug and then a loud screeching sound. But, he has a super hard time getting new clients into the shop for service, because he doesn’t know how to market himself. How to Have a Heart-Based Business course changed everything for Allison and now she shares it with the massage and bodywork community. Here is the link to Allison’s Client Attraction Quiz to help you focus your attention in the right place. In this episode you’ll learn: How putting more emphasis on what you do easily and naturally can benefit your business. How to figure out which unique practitioner category you fall into and how knowing that will help you book clients. Those super important 3 areas you need to pay attention to for a thriving business. What super revealing question you need every potential client to answer ***hint it’s a simple question, but you... read more

[MPM09] You Are More Than Just a Manual Therapist with Marjorie Brook

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSometimes we get caught up in providing manual manipulation to our clients’ tissues and we tend to lose sight of their need for more. In our sessions we are treating a whole person. Most times we can help our clients with so much more based on our rich connection to our community, our own life experience, and knowledge of the human body. In this episode,  Marjorie Brook breaks it down for us. She is an author, international instructor, creator of a revolutionary technique for releasing scar tissue The Strait Method and a true massage therapist. What You Will Learn In This Episode: Questions you need to ask if you aren’t happy with your life. What happens when you focus on your happiness more-so than money? How you can keep your schedule full if you start paying attention to scar tissue? How she became an international bodywork instructor and you can too. A few things you can do in your practice to affirm that YOU are more than just a manual therapist. How this field is a profession, not just a job. Two questions: “Are you a Massage Therapist who works for themselves and is in business?” or “Are you a business person who is in the business of massage therapy?” Click on the play button at the top or download this on itunes (and do not forget to leave a five star review as we might feature yours in the next... read more

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